This is a list of our groups for each year (subject to change from year to year).  Please reach out to us at if you are interested in helping to plan an event or outing.  We are always changing and adding new things to our groups.

  •  Craft Club – once a month activity (cookie decorating class, decorations, learn how to make something, tye-dye, etc)
  • Couple’s Night Out – PIM and their partner
  • Fall Event – PIM members and family
  • Farewell Luncheon – for outgoing residents/fellows to celebrate graduating (each PIM member gets to attend one time)
  • Fitness and Outdoor Club – once a month activity (hike meet-ups, fitness challenges, self-defense class)
  • Helping Hands – service projects, helping PIM members out (bringing meals, sending cards, etc)
  • Holiday Party – PIM members only, usually in December, often a dinner out
  • Guys’ Night – monthly gatherings for the men in PIM i.e. golfing, axe throwing, grabbing drinks, etc
  • Pawsome Dogs – once a month dog playdates, walks, hikes, etc.
  • Pedicure Party (Spring and Fall) – twice yearly at a local nail salon, PIM members only, fills up quickly!
  • PIM Night Out – once a month, activity or dinner out
  • PIM Night In – once a month at a PIM member’s home, usually dinner or an activity
  • Playgroup – twice monthly, park dates, zoo or other outings
  • Ski Day – usually held in March, PIM member and their spouse paid for by PIM to ski
  • Spring Event – PIM members and family
  • Welcome Event 1 – PIM members and family, usually held in mid-July
  • Welcome Event 2 – PIM Members only, usually held in the fall
  • Yard Sale – usually held at PIM member’s home (often who is moving), usually in June

* Members enjoy all activities listed above paid for by Partners in Medicine *



  • Welcome Lunch (PIM members only) – Solitude Mountain Resort | Saturday, 10.08.2022 | 1PM-4PM 

To RSVP, please email