All spouses and significant others of physicians (interns, residents, fellows, attendings, faculty) associated with The University of Utah and SLC area hospitals and training programs are eligible for membership.

Annual membership dues are $30 for training levels (interns, residents, fellows) and $60 for alumni levels (attending, faculty, etc). Dues include an emailed copy of the PIM newsletter.  The newsletter has all of our information about detailed club events for the month, updates, involvement, sponsor information (real estate, mortgage lenders, finanial/tax help), and more.  We hope you can gain valuable friendships to help support you and your spouse on your journey in medicine. 

Ready to join PIM, make new friends, get support of others going through similar life experiences, have fun and enjoy SLC? 

We can’t wait to have you! To join follow the instructions below….

1. Fill out a membership form

2. Pay dues via Zelle, Cash/Check at next PIM event or PayPal.

3. Come to an event!