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PIM Clubs

Annual Welcome Picnic and Brunch

Annual Welcome Picnic

Saturday, July 28, 2018, 4-6pm

Sugar Beet Pavilion in Sugar House Park

Join us for our Annual Welcome Picnic in Sugar House Park!  The picnic is open to all new and current residents, fellows, attendings, and their families.  This is a great time to meet the members of PIM and sign up to become a member.  Free catered lunch and fun activities for the kids.


Annual Welcome Brunch


This is a special event specifically for the spouses and partners of residents, fellows, and attendings at the U of U.  Join us for a relaxing brunch and get to know your fellow PIM members!  Babysitting provided on-site.

Farewell Luncheon

Each May, we celebrate those members who are graduating from training and moving into the next phase of the medical journey!  Sit down to a nice lunch with your significant other and enjoy the company of other PIM members as they prepare for the next step in training or beginning their career.  This is a great way to honor all our friends, both new and old, who have been members of PIM and celebrate the next step with them!

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Committee coordinates meals to help PIM members in need. We want to assist members who are sick, having a baby, or are, for any other reason, in need. We are here to provide meals during the busy weeks that follow any major life event. In other words, we do what your family might do if they lived nearby. For a lot of us, that’s just not the case. Fortunately, we have each other. So if you want to enlist the aid of PIM, simply call or email the chair of this committee if you or someone you know has a need. We don’t want to intrude, but we would love to help!


Outdoor Club

Join us for a monthly hike, stroll, or outing to the local botanical garden!  Activities range in difficulty and many hikes/walks are kid-friendly.  This is a great way to get out and explore the awesome natural features that the Salt Lake Area has to offer.


Join us for twice-monthly playgroups with all your little ones!  Salt Lake City has a huge variety of family friendly activities and we try to explore as many as possible through Playgroups.  PIM supplements the cost of many of these activities.  Socialize with other parents while your little ones play!



Ladies Night Out


Join us for a monthly dinner out with friends!  PIM typically covers the first round of drinks and/or appetizers and desserts for the group.  Babysitting is arranged and subsidized by PIM.  A fun way to get out of the house and enjoy an evening with the ladies of PIM!

Craft Club

Join us for a monthly craft class!  We have done a wide variety of crafts in the past: soap making, sewing, paint night, jewelry making, pottery painting, and so much more!  This is a very popular club and space is usually limited so sign up early!

Spring and Fall Events

PIM hosts larger events during the year for the whole group, usually in the Spring and Fall.  Events in the past include family days at the Bees baseball games, open houses, Jump Around Utah pizza night, and Lagoon Amusement Park.  Cost of these events is covered or subsidized for members.

Ladies Night In

Join us for a monthly dinner hosted by one of our members!  This is a great evening to relax, socialize, and experience the hospitality of our fellow PIM members.  Babysitting is arranged and subsidized and PIM.