What is Partners In Medicine

Partners in Medicine (PIM) is a group dedicated to supporting the significant others of University of Utah physician interns, residents, fellows, and attendings. We provide support to partners and families who are in this transitional stage in life. We are a diverse group and although we come from various backgrounds and points of view, we share a common bond – being a partner of a busy physician.

Our organization provides a tremendous network of people and activities to help you make new friends and have fun. For many of our members, PIM has become their family away from home.

PIM Sponsored Clubs and Events Include:

● Playgroup  ● Welcome Picnic  ● Pedicure Party

● Ski Day  ● New Member Party  ● Fall Family Event

● Date Nights  ● Farewell Luncheon  ● Outdoor Club

● Night Outs  ● Waterpark Family Event  ● Holiday Party

● Craft Club  ● Book Club  ● Fitness Club and more…

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Want To Join PIM Now?

All spouses and significant others of physicians (interns, residents, fellows, & attendings) associated with The University of Utah and SLC area hospitals and training programs are eligible for membership. 

Annual membership dues are $30 for training levels (interns, residents, fellows) and $60 for attending partners. Dues entitle you to a copy of the PIM monthly newsletter with detailed monthly sponsored events and updates, as well as, the opportunity to meet people going through similar life experiences through our many groups, clubs and events!

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