Hello Friends!

I am so happy to begin serving as PIM President this year! Working with Melissa and Odessa last year was wonderful and I learned so much from them. I am so excited that they will both be continuing with their service on the PIM board this year.

When my husband started residency I did not initially get very involved in PIM. I felt very overwhelmed with his schedule and really missed the close relationships and friendships I had formed during medical school. I tried going to a few PIM activities here and there but didn’t like feeling like the “new person” and stopped attending actively.

Then last year I realized how lonely residency had become for me. I decided to really try to make friends and knew that serving on the PIM board would kind of make me be involved. That decision brought me more joy than I could have anticipated! All the PIM members I met were so welcoming and before I knew it I felt like I was part of a caring and meaningful group of friends again.

Thanks to each of you for making PIM an inviting and enriching group! We have so many different life experiences, talents, backgrounds, and views among us yet share the same struggles and joys that are unique to medical training. Here’s to another year of sharing in this adventure together!

-Molly Anderson


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