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PIM Clubs

Ski Day

One of our most popular events of the year!  PIM will subsidize a full-day ski ticket for you and your significant other to one of the world-class area ski resorts.  Babysitting is also subsidized by PIM.  Meet up for lunch with other PIM members and enjoy a beautiful day on the mountain with friends!

New Moms Group

Many of our members have new babies during their years in Utah.  This group is geared toward moms (and dads!) with younger kids.  Stroller walks, library story times, coffee dates, and park time are all activities we have done with New Moms Group!

Spring Yard Sale

Getting ready to move? Or just getting rid of extra stuff?  Each spring, one PIM member hosts a group yard sale at their house. Set up your own table and let the public come!  A great way to purge before a big move without having to host a sale in your own driveway.