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Lindy Parks

Mortgage Loan Consultant, Security National Mortgage

I have worked helping Utah families and individuals with their mortgage needs for over 14 years. My experience working with clients moving from out of state for the residency program and my understanding of residency contracts can help make the process much quicker and easier.

In addition I understand that buying a home can be overwhelming and confusing. My goal is to make the process straightforward and smooth from start to finish.

Working with the right lender and company can make or break your deal and this makes me well equipped to serve my clients. With in-house processing, underwriting and funding, as well as a full spectrum of mortgage products I can offer the best loan for your needs.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a move-up buyer, or want to refinance, I will take the time to understand your goals and I take pride in keeping my clients informed of the progress all the way to and through the closing.

I have also arranged special discounts for University of Utah residents. Please visit my website at: for more information.


PIM References:

        • Dr. Georgia Kubic
        • Dr. Trevor Smith
        • Dr. Theadora Sakata


“Lindy was a great help in the home buying process. She was able to work with our purchasing timeline when other companies were not. She made buying a home from out of state manageable, and was there to answer our questions every step of the way.”  
Trevor Smith

“Marissa and I wanted to thank you for the professionalism and hard work in managing our loan which I just finished signing about an hour ago. I approached you a month ago with a hurried phone call because I was dissatisfied with the loan options available with every other lender I had worked with up to that point. I almost couldn’t believe that you could provide the product you described, but I appreciate your candor and confidence that you could see my loan through and you’ve delivered on your word. Furthermore, I appreciate your willingness to answer all of my questions and respond very promptly with every correspondence. Marissa couldn’t believe how quickly you responded to my emails last night as we were finishing up details late in the evening, a characteristic of yours that has been consistent throughout the entire process. Finally, thanks for being patient with me as a first time home buyer, unrepresented by a real estate agent and by nature a very thorough (probably in excess) person.”
Dr. Daniel O’ Dell, Anesthesiology

“Lindy was a great help in the home buying process. She was able to work with our purchasing timeline when other companies were not. She made buying a home from out of state manageable and was there to answer our questions every step of the way.”
Dr. Trevor Smith, Internal Medicine

UMA Financial Services

Image of UMAFS

    • 310 East 4500 South, Suite 500
      Salt Lake City, UT 84107
      Phone: (801) 747-0800
    • Fax: (801) 747-3520
    • Email:
    • Web:

UMAFS offers UMA member physicians a full range of financial products and services. Our primary focus is to assist our clients in meeting their life goals through the proper management of their financial resources. Our success is not measured by performance statistics but rather by our clients` success in achieving their personal financial goals.

Many physicians often regard financial planning as complex and confusing. As a result, they often miss out on many potentially rewarding financial opportunities. They also take unnecessary risks and fail to adequately protect their assets. That is where UMAFS can provide a second opinion and assistance. Our goal is to take the mystery out of investing, managing risks, preparing for retirement, and preserving your wealth.

Our process begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. Once we have established your overall objectives, we will focus on your specific goals.

We will work with you side by side on a very personal basis so that you are confident in and comfortable with the suggestions we make. Implementation, continuous monitoring, and as necessary, modifications, are integral parts of the process.

PIM References:

      • References avaiable on request.

Debbie Gaddie

Windmere Real Estate

Debbie Gaddie relocated circuitously to Salt Lake City from San Francisco, by way of New York City.  Drawn to the outdoor and friendly, easeful way of life, she has never looked back, calling Salt Lake City home for more than 35 years.   She holds a B.S. degree from Santa Clara University and from the University of Utah.

Debbie began her real estate career with Plumb and Company Real Estate and takes great pride in her knowledge of, and love for the various Salt Lake City neighborhoods and architectural styles.

With over 25 years of experience in sales & marketing, Debbie understands the level of professionalism & commitment necessary to help her clients achieve their real estate goals.  Unwavering customized service is her top priority; the cornerstone of her success.  Not only does she bring an unmatched level of knowledge & negotiating expertise to her real estate business, Debbie is dedicated to you, her client, to act as advisor & advocate and to do so with the highest level of integrity & enthusiasm.

Working with Windermere Real Estate, one of the most highly regarded, premier real estate brokerage firms in Salt Lake City, Debbie has access to a vast network of industry vendors and contractors, a vital and often over-looked component to ensuring the most stress free transaction possible.

Outside of Real Estate Debbie enjoys travel, both international & domestic.  She is a devoted animal lover and is passionate about time spent in the outdoors, appreciating the easy access to so many extraordinary activities the State of Utah has to offer.  Nordic skiing, hiking and cycling are a few of her favorites.

Specializing in East side, Wasatch Front neighborhoods from Capitol Hill to the Cottonwood Canyons, with particular emphasis in the Avenues & Capitol Hill, University area, Harvard/Yale, Sugarhouse, 9th and 9th, 15th and 15th, St. Mary’s, Millcreek, Olympus Cove, Holladay, Cottonwood Heights.

  • Member: Salt Lake Board of Realtors
  • Member: Utah Board of Realtors
  • Member: National Boards of Realtors
  • Member: Wasatch Front Multiple Listing Service
  • Board of Directors, Utahns Against Hunger

PIM References:

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      • Dr.’s Greg and Susan Harlan
      • Dr.’s Katie and Zach Beresford
      • Dr. Lindsay and Chris Wilson
      • Dr. Krista and Todd Kinard
      • Dr. Graham DeKeyser
      • Many other references available upon request.

“Debbie was recommended to me and my husband by two different friends and we were so happy to be working with her as our buyer’s agent. She showed us an extensive list of homes and was instrumental in helping us purchase the one we most wanted. We would recommend Debbie Gaddie to every person looking for a home, even our closest family members — she’s fantastic!”
Dr. Krista Kinard

“Debbie was such a caring and knowledgeable partner through the home selling process. She kept us constantly in the loop and up to date with details. Her attitude was always positive and bright. She was extremely helpful during negotiation. I trust that she always has her clients best interest at heart. I would highly recommend the Debbie and Greg duo!”
Anna Morshedi (Former PIM President)

“Debbie is the ally you need when entering the housing market in SLC. She is constantly available and will work to get you to the house you are looking for. Could not have had a better guide, mentor and representative in our housing search. Even a year after buying a house we still look to Debbie and Greg for area recommendations and house advice (the came over just last week to help with a plumbing issue). The go way beyond the call of duty.”                        Dr. Graham DeKeyser


Caroline Lark King

Caroline Work Photo

Associate Broker, Probe Realtors

*sold/marketed real estate since 1991
*Associate Brokers License since 2003
*worked with the residency Doctor program since 2000
*worked with PIM since 2004
*very familiar with central Salt Lake City, The Avenues, Sugarhouse, Highland, Canyon Rim, Millcreek and Holladay
*put clients first, work extremely hard: working nights, weekends and holidays
*straightforward and honest
*direct professional attention, working with me and not an Assistant.

I have marketed real estate actively for 25 years. Therefore, I’m a specialist in the field. I would love to help you buy a home or sell the home you currently have.

Caroline Lark King

Contact me for more information:
Caroline Lark King – Associate Broker (801) 231-2725,


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      • Dr. Przemyslaw Radwanski
      • Dr. William Walsh and Lisa Gabbert
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      • Dr. Nate Hall
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      • Dr. Steve Bennett
      • Dr. Erik and Rachel Severson
      • Dr. Luke Martin
      • Dr. Eric Johnson
      • More references available upon request


We first met Caroline in 2004 when she was helping a fellow resident (Dr. Dan Varnieg) buy his first home. Dan was staying with us in the home we had bought while he looked for a home and it was Easter weekend.

Three things struck me about Caroline. First, she was gladly showing Dan houses all day and into the evening. Second, she was always and I mean always on time and prepared. And third, she was happily working 24/7 over an entire Easter weekend. When we asked her about working on Easter, she said: “oh, I always work when other people don’t so I’m used to working holidays.” I have to say I was also envious of Dan who got to see at least 13 houses a day the first few days he was in town. (Our Realtor showed us 6 houses total and never discussed any issues such as busy streets the entire time he worked with us.) At any rate, we watched first hand as Dan bought a cute Tudor in the lower Sugarhouse area. We were impressed.

A few years later (2006), we didn’t hesitate to call Caroline when we started looking for a new home in which to start a family. She showed us the exact same courtesy she showed Dan. We saw homes from Bountiful to Cottonwood Heights, before we settled on a home in Olympus Cove. We couldn’t be happier.

We will use Caroline again. She is our Realtor.

Andre Crouch (MD) and Heather Crouch (DDS)

Caroline was recommended in the welcome package (2003) that we as residents receive when we are matched. Both my parents and I noticed immediately how hard she worked. She explained everything extremely well. I bought my house from her and sold that same house 5 years later using her. She was excellent in both capacities.

What was unique about Caroline was her work ethic and attention to detail. She is basically a workaholic. I never had wait very long to hear back from her. If it meant returning my e-mails at 3 am in order to answer any questions, she would do that. I mentioned on more then one occasion that she was the only person I knew who worked as hard as I did.

Caroline is also unique in her knowledge and attention to detail. When I bought my home, she read through the inspection report carefully. She caught a foundation issue that neither my parents nor me caught. This issue was a $16,000 problem. Had Caroline not caught this, I might have had to spend huge amounts after I bought the house to make it structurally sound. As it was she negotiated with the sellers and their Realtor and the seller repaired the problem to our satisfaction.

Caroline was my first experience using a Realtor. When I finished my Fellowship at Huntsman and moved back to Minnesota, I used a Realtor there in Minnesota. This Realtor was unethical and dishonest. It was then that I realized what a true gem Caroline is as a Realtor. Having a Realtor, which isn’t good, really highlights the good Realtor (Caroline) you have had.

I highly recommend Caroline. Indeed, I recommended her personally to numerous residents and fellows while in Utah and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Steve Bennett MD

Donna Rudzik

Influence Real Estate and Relocation Services

Are you looking for a one-stop, “make my move easy” agent? If you are moving from out of the area, or are short on time and resources – allow me to be your local advocate in Salt Lake City. You can count on me to be available to help you SELL for top dollar, or get settled into a home in a hurry. A Detroit, Michigan transplant 16 years ago, I have been in real estate since 2000 and residents are a huge, rewarding part of my business.
I work most frequently on the east side of the Salt Lake valley. Areas most commonly chosen by residents and fellows: Avenues, Sugarhouse, Liberty Wells, Canyon Rim, Olympus Cove and Cottonwood Heights. If you are looking to move further out into the burbs and get a little more home for the money, I can help with that too. I work comfortably in any price range and can help you determine the area and type of home you’ll be most happy with — also experienced in short-sales and foreclosures. Student loans causing concern? I work with lenders that are GREAT with them. My goal is to make your move as fast, friendly and hassle-free as humanly possible!


PIM References:

      • Dr. Kyle Goerl and Dr. Danae Doubek
      • Dr. Georgia Kubic
      • Drs. Tony and Arazu Wanna

“Donna made the daunting task of buying our first home in just a few days absolutely effortless. She did most of the footwork for us before we even arrived in Salt Lake City and eliminated many homes that were not ideal for us. We were able to find and purchase our dream home on our second day of house-hunting! She pointed out flaws that she noticed in certain homes that we may have overlooked and acted in our best interest. She was not just looking for a quick sale. We will absolutely recommend Donna to any of our friends and will use her when we sell our home in the future.”

Drs. Craig (Neurosurgery) and Michelle Kilburg (Family Medicine)